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Adjustable DC Power Repair Regulated Supply Kaisi 1502D 15V 2A

Adjustable DC Power Repair Regulated Supply Kaisi 1502D 15V 2A

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Short circuit protection: current display when more than 2A output current, automatic protection shut off the power supply output.

Short circuit protection and restoration function: can be switched between GSM and PHS, LEDs precisely indicate signal strength led intuitively.
Voltage test function: you can test DC voltages between 0-199.9V.
Test features:
1, can directly test line through broken.
2, diode test function: to test diodes, light emitting diode and transistor saturation voltage drop, and intuitive displays its voltage drop voltage.
3, cell phone radio frequency interference protection function: eliminate phone in power maintenance testing for a power supply voltage (interference) mutations and burn phone.
Installation and precautions:
Instrument installation, follow these steps:
Lying on the desktop instrument, 220V plug the power plug into the power supply socket.
NO open the front-panel POWER switch, it can begin work.
Main parameters:
Power supply input
220V AC
No-load loss
Fast protection and sound and light alarm, to be excluded from short circuit output can be recovered automatically within 1 second.
Rated operating conditions
Power 220V+-10% 50HZ
Operating conditions temperature humidity -10~40 90%
Storage conditions temperature humidity -20~80 80%
Stable operating voltage
Output voltage 0-15V
Load stability = 0.01%+-2MV
Recovery time of the =100us
Ripple noise <=1mvRms
Temperature coefficient of <=300PPm
Protection startup current > 10% standard values

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